Men 3D Avenger's Endgame T-Shirt Quantum Realm Tee Sports Suit Fitness Shirt

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  • 材质:86%涤纶14%再生聚酯纤维,透气,柔软,吸湿排汗面料,让您在训练期间保持干爽舒适。
  • 衬衫制作质量好,并使用Heat Tranfer Printing制作颜色。无论你喜欢运动还是角色扮演,这都是你的最佳选择!
  • 适合日常穿着,游戏电影角色扮演派对,万圣节派对,主题派对,刻画,节日,休闲,化妆舞会,拍照等。这也是朋友和电影爱好者的绝佳礼物。
  • 机洗,印刷和颜色洗涤后不会褪色。冷水机洗
  • 如果您无法确定适合您的尺码,请在订购前通过身高和体重向我们发送消息。
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    1 . According to the height and weight recommended size table is for reference only.

    please consult our when ordering. please leave a message to your height and weight 
    2. We are all for Asian size, the size of the size is smaller than the United States 
    and the European size size, so when ordering, please select a size large 
    3. The following units of measurement for cm, because it is manual measurement,
     the measurement method,each person is different, so please allow 2-4 cm error,
    1 cm is equal to 0.39 inches



    Product Information:
    Material:  Polyester
    Color: As Picture

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